Linkedinfluence – The Ultimate Linkedin Training Course


In the B2B market, it’s basically how you approach your client that matters. When the client is himself an entrepreneur and knows all the nuances of a market, wooing him could be a tough job. Ask me, my name is George Acker and I am a student of software technology. During my third semester, I had developed an application which could help online marketers retrieve the list of prospective clients from social media network with a click of a second. The application had a huge prospect as far as online marketing was concerned. But being a novice in the field of marketing I was quite unfamiliar about the strategies of selling the product.

With the help of my app, I found it quite easy to retrieve the list of prospective clients from the internet. But soon I realized that I had a pathetic track record as far as breaking a deal was concerned. Most of my clients would vanish half way through my communication chain. My emails were probably shown the way to trash.  And those who did show interest would become a sole customer and hardly help me grow my market.


My strategy was to expand my network online which would give me a better chance of cracking deals. I had a profile on LinkedIn and I also knew that LinkedIn was a great platform to search B2B clients, especially because this social media platform was exclusively dedicated to professional networking. But even here my growth graph stooped below my expectation. At most, I stayed connected with other IT sector professionals on LinkedIn. Most of the times, my messages and request to prospective clients would not receive much of a positive response from them. I was quite clear that nobody was taking me seriously. Further, instead of professional connection, I realized my credibility was going down due to the number of fake profiles that somehow entered my network without my notice. Then one day while browsing through my net I clicked a link. It had an article that talked about LinkedInfluence.

What I read was going to change my life!

The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that LinkedIn was the 16th most visited websites in the

                        world and a proper use could mean a fortune for any entrepreneur.

The article told me how Linkedinfluence as a course could train me on how to handle the LinkedIn profile to increase network and connect in the B2B market and generate hot leads with high conversion rate.

I was quite sure I needed a help. After, a little bit of browsing through the net I had realized that LinkedInInfluence was one of the most trusted courses on the online market. I was further relieved to know that Linkedinfluence course came with money back guarantee within sixty days of purchase. I place my order and received Linkedinfluence course. After the first look through the course, I realized that it wouldn’t be too hard to understand the course because 



The whole course is divided into six detailed modules.

All six modules are synchronized in an easy to learn manner that helps in the maximum understanding of the course.
Apart from the six modules, there are five bonus chapters that help in acquiring some bonus information.
And the best part about it is the whole course is offered in a simple language and not some technical jargons. This feature actually helps in understanding the points being made and ideas being shared.
It has been just two months since I took the Linkedinfluence course and I’ve already generated leads and expanding my network leaps and bounds.

The course taught me the tactic to attract huge traffic to my site through maximum exposure.
Linkedinfluence trained me to get rid of unnecessary browsing and unwanted connections. It brought qualified leads to my site.
Through the course, I learned the nuances of building a good database and at the same time creating my very own LinkedIn group.
It gave insight on how to market my product on LinkedIn with a minimal budget.
It would easily convert anybody’s LinkedIn profile into a lead generating platform and teach how to use this website to its maximum potential.



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