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Ever heard the proverb,“sharing is caring”? Well, this motto changed the way I look at online business today. My name is Jeremy. I am a commercial estate agent but earlier I used to review real estate property, their capital value in the market and brokerage services for which I used to create lots of reports. Now those who write report may know that we spend volume of words, thoughts, and energy while creating a report.

But, you just give away this huge amount of information and knowledge all free of cost to your users. My father was a real estate broker in Rhode Island and I had learned one principle of business very well from him which was never to waste time on people or things that did not bring home money!My reports were popular and it established me firmly as an authority as far as reviewing estates were concerned. People would read my reviews before choosing to buy a home. Agents and brokers would use the report to draw client to their website.

But I wanted to use my reports as a base for expanding my niche market. My eagerness to make these report a value-added tool in my armory was also due to the fact that I was soon going to join my father’s business.  I was already searching the net to get a way to earn good money out of my reports when I stumbled upon Viral PDF Generator.  I instantly knew that this was a brilliant idea and could be used in my situation.

The concept was simple it allowed you to not only create report following its seven-step method in 15 minutes but also gave you the freedom to brand a report easily. The software that I had used earlier for branding was not only difficult to install but the user interface of such software made the task look so cumbersome. Obviously, all these difficulties kept me from branding a report. Most often my reports were downloaded by users and used in their project free of cost. The worst part was that my reports were generating traffic for those who downloaded it but that did not add to the pool of lead coming my way… A huge loss on my part I should say!

But here’s what I did, just after reading its complete specification and detail, I ordered Viral PDF Generator.

And I am till date happy about my decision because Viral PDF Generator not only gave me the freedom to brand my report but it also allowed me to give away the right of re-branding without losing the chance of tapping new leads.

And remember the motto that I had shared in the beginning of this blog that sharing is caring, yes this was exactly what helped me to grow my area of influence by at least 3 new customers in the beginning to 10. Today, I am able to make 100 new customers a day!

So, how was it possible?

First, I was already creating great content and people were looking up my reports when I bought viral traffic generator.

Then I gave away my reports for free after branding them with the software. It took me about 15 minutes to brand my report through a hassle free process. I placed the links to my blog, website and related affiliate programs in the report.

Next, I gave away re-branding rights to users who could also put their link on the report along with mine. This was a huge incentive which made users share the report with their lists, thereby getting viral traffic and sales for me!

Further, the software also made re-branding super easy for the users. All they had to do is go to Viral PDF Generator’s re-brander page, fill-in their detail and click the publish button to generate a re-branded copy of the PDF.

I never thought that I’ll be thanking software for all my success. But here I am thanking viral PDF generator for bringing so much business to me. It not only allowed me to share my report but also expanded my network massively.

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